I perform conservation treatments on books and paper that have historical and/or sentimental value.

Conservation treatments include reattaching covers and spines, new bindings, resewing text blocks, paper repair and surface cleaning. I retain as much of the original material as possible, and use stable and durable materials.

Examples of conservation treatments I have performed can be viewed here. You can also preserve your artifacts in protective enclosures, see examples here.

It is very difficult to assess a book’s needs from a photograph alone. I am happy to meet with you to discuss your options and examine the object in person. Cost estimates and initial consultations are free of charge.

One of the most important aspects of caring for one’s collection involves the storage environment. Factors such as temperature, relative humidity, light levels, and shelving can adversely affect the condition of your collection. I am available to assess your storage conditions and suggest changes that will contribute to the ongoing preservation of your collection.

Another service I provide is to develop a custom database for you to organize and catalog your collection. This is useful not only in terms of security, but also for insurance purposes.

Please contact me to discuss how to best preserve your book and/or collection.